Summit Element Safety Harness Large - 35" to 46" Waist


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The Summit Element Safety Harness is designed for maximum safety, comfort, and convenience for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Engineered to provide peace of mind during your hunts, this harness combines durable materials with innovative features to ensure a secure fit and easy maneuverability.


  • Safety and Security: Crafted with high-strength materials to provide maximum safety. The harness includes quick-release buckles for fast and secure adjustments.
  • Comfortable Fit: Padded shoulder straps and waist belt ensure comfort during long hours of wear. The large size fits waist measurements from 35 to 46 inches.
  • Adjustability: Multiple adjustment points allow for a customized fit, ensuring both safety and comfort regardless of body type or layering.
  • Quiet Design: Silent fabrics and components minimize noise, allowing for stealthy movements in the field.
  • Durability: Constructed with rugged, weather-resistant materials that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Lightweight: Designed to be lightweight without compromising safety, reducing fatigue during extended use.
  • Tether and Carabiner Included: Comes with a tether and carabiner to easily secure to your tree stand, providing added stability and safety.
  • Easy to Use: Quick and simple to put on and take off, making it ideal for hunters of all experience levels.
  • Certified Safety: Meets or exceeds industry safety standards for fall protection.


  • Waist Size: 35" - 46"
  • Material: High-strength, weather-resistant fabrics
  • Weight: Lightweight design
  • Color: Camo pattern for blending into the environment
  • Included Accessories: Tether, carabiner, and instruction manual
  • Safety Standards: Meets TMA (Treestand Manufacturers Association) standards

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