Pelican 70 Quart Elite Cooler - Cement/White


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The Pelican 70 Quart Elite Cooler in Cement/White is engineered for extreme performance and durability. This high-capacity cooler is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, hunters, and anyone needing to keep their food and beverages cold for extended periods.


  • Capacity: 70 quarts / 66.2 liters
  • Exterior Dimensions: 37.00" L x 20.00" W x 21.00" H
  • Interior Dimensions: 23.50" L x 11.00" W x 14.30" H
  • Weight: 33.29 lbs (empty)
  • Color: Cement/White
  • Material: Rotationally molded polyethylene
  • Insulation: 2 inches of polyurethane foam
  • Latches: 3-inch locking latches, wide for easy grip
  • Handles: Molded-in handles with ergonomic design and dual-function metal reinforced foldable handles
  • Drain Plug: Threaded leak-proof drain plug with a tethered cap and garden hose attachment
  • Hinges: Molded-in and reinforced stainless steel hinge system
  • Ice Retention: Up to 10 days
  • Sealing Gasket: Freezer-grade gasket for superior ice retention
  • Tie-Down Slots: Integrated slots for secure transport
  • Non-Skid Feet: Raised feet for non-slip performance
  • Integrated Fish Scale and Ruler: Built into the lid
  • Locking Mechanism: Steel reinforced padlock holes for added security
  • UV Protection: UV-resistant exterior


  • Extreme Ice Retention: Advanced insulation technology and a freezer-grade gasket ensure up to 10 days of ice retention, making it ideal for long trips and extreme conditions.
  • Durable Construction: Built with a rugged, rotationally molded polyethylene exterior that can withstand harsh environments and heavy use.
  • Convenient Handling: Features molded-in handles and dual-function foldable metal handles for easy carrying and transport, even when fully loaded.
  • Secure Latching: Wide, 3-inch locking latches ensure a secure closure, keeping the cooler tightly sealed to maintain the internal temperature.
  • Versatile Drainage: The threaded drain plug is leak-proof and allows for easy drainage. It also has a garden hose attachment for convenient cleaning.
  • Integrated Measurement Tools: The lid includes an integrated fish scale and ruler, making it perfect for fishing trips.
  • Secure and Stable: Non-skid, non-marking raised feet keep the cooler stable and prevent sliding in wet conditions.
  • Lockable for Security: Steel reinforced padlock holes provide additional security, ensuring your contents are safe.
  • UV Protected: The UV-resistant exterior keeps the cooler looking new, even after prolonged sun exposure.

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