Hornady .223 Remington Critical Defense Ammunition 20 Rounds FTX HP 55 Grains


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Critical Defense® Ammunition


Designed for short-range defensive situations, a new breed of FTX® bullets are at the forefront of the Critical Defense® Rifle ammunition line. The bullet’s patented Flex Tip® not only helps keep the nose cavity free from clogging as it passes through heavy clothing but also helps the bullet expand at low velocities.



  • Ftx Bullet Technology: The unique design of the Critical Defense® FTX® bullet offers quick expansion and limited penetration from self-defense rifles.
  • Defense-Centered Design: Silver nickel-plated cases feed smoothly and are more visible for chamber checks in low-light situations. Additives blended with propellants reduce flash to maintain night vision.
  • Dependable: Details such as nickel-plated cases that resist corrosion and optimized propellants that burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash, help ensure that Critical Defense® ammo is dependable in every situation.


  • Caliber: 223 Remington
  • Bullet: 55 gr FTX
  • Product Line: Critical Defense
  • Sectional Density: .157
  • Ballistic Coefficient: .175 (G1)
  • Application: Personal Defense
  • Box Count: 20
  • Muzzle Velocity (FPS): 3240
  • 100 Yards Velocity (FPS): 2690
  • 200 Yards Velocity (FPS): 2201
  • 300 Yards Velocity (FPS): 1768
  • Muzzle Energy (FT/LB): 1282
  • 100 Yards Energy (FT/LB): 883
  • 200 Yards Energy (FT/LB): 592
  • 300 Yards Energy (FT/LB): 382
  • Muzzle Trajectory (INCHES): -1.5
  • 100 Yards Trajectory (INCHES): 0
  • 200 Yards Trajectory (INCHES): -3.4
  • 300 Yards Trajectory (INCHES): -14.1
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